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It is quite natural that the society, in which we live in is youth orientated. We are happy to be part of a young community and it is a pleasure for us to watch children grow. On the contrary, aging is perceived as a matter of weakness and something that slows us down and is not a source of happiness. There are more and more elderly people, who struggle with depressions, feelings of deprivation and loneliness. What is even more painful and sad is the person´s departure from this world, which often takes place somewhere in a cold hospital room without the presence of his/her dear ones.

When touching on issues concerning aging, old age, retirement or dying our society tends to avoid talking about them more thoroughly. We do not like to discuss topics that we do not consider to be positive and optimistic. We don´t like to ponder on the fact that one day we will all get old and won´t have as much strength and energy as we have now. We don´t like to admit the fact that every beginning has its end.

The Josef Novak Foundation was founded in 2016 with the purpose of a complex support of elderly people. The aim is to achieve support that would enhance mainly the health and social conditions of seniors living in the Czech Republic.

The main areas of the Foundation´s support focus on:

  • development of the palliative care in the Czech Republic
  • financial and material help of hospices and homes for the elderly in the Czech Republic
  • help elderly people within the health, social, financial and educational sphere
  • encourage elderly people to lead active life
  • research of problematic concerning aging

Our dream is not only the support of seniors, but also raising public awareness of the topics of aging and palliative care. Although the stories and topics may be rather sad, we have to bear in mind that it is the integral part of our life.


Let´s celebrate old age with the same fervour, with which we celebrate youth, shall we?